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for women run creative small businesses

custom branding experience

LAUREN KIRKHAM photography

for women run creative small businesses


branding experience

the problem is... you sit down to schedule your marketing and social media content and you're using the same images you've been using for the last two years and now you feel stuck.

thats where i come in.  as a small business owner you want to have a variety of content to pull from to share with your viewers.  from headshots, to lifestyle and product images.  and whats more than that.. you want them to all have the same aesthetic.  am i right???

i know i don't have to tell you that your audience needs to see YOU.  they need to see more than what you offer, they want to know you and they need to trust you before they work with you.

are you ready for a branding experience to dive into your beliefs, mission and vision? to dig deep and find your ideal clients and to create content that will appeal directly to them while remaining completely and authentically you? to have a pool of images you can pull from for your next announcement, promotion, or every day marketing strategy?

then the lkp branding experience is for you.

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I'm ready to book!

what to expect...

branding sessions are tailored and customized to the look, feel and end product that you need to fill the gaps in your current and upcoming marketing needs.  

before your session we'll meet to discuss in detail your business (mission, vision, goals, ideal client), current needs, upcoming goals and any other details for me to keep in mind while brainstorming for your session.

the process

you'll receive a detailed pre-session questionnaire which will continue to help give me ideas for research to plan for your session.  By the end of our pre-session consult we will have a firm grasp on the needs of your business, plans for the session and the best way to tell your brand story from beginning to end in a way that feels authentic to you.

the end result

custom digital content that is needed for your brand from basic headshots to lifestyle and working images.


a new about me photo? we can do that!
new content for social media with a similar aesthetic but different story? we can do that!
need photos for sales pages and funnels? we can do that!

you will walk away with a collection of images in different compositions telling different stories with a similar look that can be used across platforms and at different times throughout your brand.

each branding session is completely customized to you and your needs.  after extensive research into your brand and my own personal research we make sure that the imagery we create work for the story you want to tell.

behind the camera...

i want to help you brighten up your social media feed.  quit asking your friends to snap a shot of you holding your product and lets deep dive into what makes you who you are.  take all of your hopes and dreams and create something beautiful and tangible to share with the world.

i'm lauren, a mama, wife, photographer and nurse.  i've been where you are - trying to figure out what people want to see and hear in marketing.  thinking.. do they want to see images of just me?  and i can assure you... they do!  they want to connect with you - the person behind the magic of your business.  YOU are your brand.  just like i am my brand!  i'm a lover of cheeseburgers and red wine, and spend my days chasing my two young kids around the countryside we call our home, or even better.. watching them from the front porch with a cup of hot coffee in hand (or glass of wine of course!).

sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.

brene brown

Lauren had some great ideas about the kinds of shots we should get to help convey the essence of my business. The actual session was a lot of fun. Lauren made me feel comfortable, and the conversations and prep work we did ahead of time made the session run so smoothly. 

words of thanks...

emily; greenspun designs

half day and quarterly branding sessions available. click here to inquire for more information.

you're a creative small business owner ready to level up with cohesive on brand images of yourself and products
you're looking into upcoming quarters and realizing you have minimal options for pulling content for marketing and social media platforms
you have a solid understanding of your goals but aren't quite sure how to define your brand and brand message through images
you're looking for a deep dive into your business and ways to creatively communicate your mission to ideal clients
you're excited to spend time with other creatives to help optimize your reach and mission... and crush goals!

this is for you if...